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Mortgage Interest Rate

Factors That Affect Your Interest Rate

An important aspect for many homeowners obtaining a mortgage is to secure a low interest rate. Homebuyers want to get the lowest rate possible, after all, the lower the rate,… [read more]

Cleaning tips and tools

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Open the windows and doors; let the fresh air into your home. Bring out the cleaning supplies for some major spring cleaning. Get your home in shape… [read more]

Pre-Approval Letters

The Importance of a Pre-Approval Letter

Many homebuyers are under the assumption that pre-approval and pre-qualification letters are the same, but they’re not! Lenders provide a pre-approval letter by analyzing income and asset documentation, debt-to-income ratios… [read more]

Spring break home protection

Are You Protected for Spring Break?

Time to pack up the kids and head out for spring break; but is your home protected while you’re away? You don’t want to come home to find out your… [read more]

Low Down Payment

Low Down Payment Options

As mortgage rates ticked slightly higher, lenders have begun to offer an assortment of lower down payment loan options, helping homebuyers maximize their purchasing power. These options provide opportunities for… [read more]